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Energy Solutions Oxfordshire is a not-for-profit energy efficiency service helping organisations lower their energy use to save money and carbon


Lowering carbon emissions, while saving time and money

We know that often organisations don’t have the money, know-how, and the time to overhaul the existing energy set-up of their buildings. And that’s where we come in.

From insulation and draught-proofing to installing renewable energy systems and improving staff awareness of energy usage, Energy Solutions Oxfordshire is the complete ‘one-stop’ energy efficiency service your organisation needs.


We support organisations across Oxfordshire

We energise and empower organisations across Oxfordshire, making energy efficiency improvements as simple as possible, to help you save money on energy bills while minimising your carbon footprint.

We’re a not-for-profit organisation run by the Low Carbon Hub and the Environmental Information Exchange team at Oxford Brookes.

Financing opportunities

If upfront costs are an issue, we’ll help you access pre-approved, low-interest loans and finance opportunities to get the right funding in place, just when you need it – and we’ll assess the savings to make sure that the money you save by reducing your energy bills should help to cover any loan payments.

A process that’s as simple as
possible for you

We know that not every organisation has the time and resources to put into improving energy efficiency. So, we look after the whole process for you; planning, project management, even finding trustworthy contractors. The lot. We’ll focus on optimising your energy efficiency, so you can focus on running your business.


The complete ‘one-stop shop’ for energy efficiency

There are three main parts to our process when it comes to helping you reduce the energy consumption of your commercial buildings. Click on the tabs below to see an in-depth explanation of each part.

Free Report

The first part of the process is a free desktop diagnosis, giving you an idea of the possibilities for your buildings – there’s no cost for this part and no obligation to go any further in the process.

  1. Online survey
    Your organisation fills in a short online survey on your building(s) and energy usage.
  2. Desktop diagnosis report
    We generate a free report, analysing the current energy usage and benchmarking your building against others of a similar type – giving an idea of the improvements that could be made.


The second part of the process is all about developing bespoke energy efficiency recommendations for your premises – auditing your buildings, checking feasibility, and engaging with approved contractors.

  1. On-site visit
    If you decide to go ahead, we will conduct an on-site visit in order to create a bespoke proposal for energy efficiency improvements.
  2. Feasibility report
    We deliver a bespoke report to you including indicative costs of installation, and potential savings on energy, cost and carbon. All work to this point is delivered without cost to you.
  3. Contractor site visit
    You decide which of the recommendations you want to pursue and we ask suitable, approved contractors to carry out a site visit, to specify and cost the work accurately.
  4. Implementation report
    We deliver your full, bespoke implementation report, including detailed costs and return on investment. A project coordinator will discuss this with you, answering any queries. If you decide to go ahead, the cost of the Implementation Report is rolled into your project costs. If not, there will be a £1,000 charge for the detailed advice you’ve received – however, in the pilot first year phase of the project this cost will be covered by our government funding (until March 2021).


The third part of the process is the delivery of the energy efficiency measures you’ve decided to implement, including quality assurance and monitoring by us to ensure everything is as expected.

  1. Implementation takes place
    If you decide to go ahead, we project manage the implementation, liaising with you and the chosen contractors.
  2. Quality assurance
    Once any installations have taken place, we will check the work has been well installed, before signing it off with you and the contractor.
  3. Equipment handed over
    Our contractor Manager will ensure your staff are briefed about the equipment, how it works and how to efficiently control it.
  4. Monitoring and evaluation
    We continue to monitor your energy usage for one year after completion, to ensure promised savings are achieved, including investigating and resolving any underperformances.

“The energy assessment is excellent. There is some really good, practical advice and a lot we had not considered. It will be a good roadmap for us to make the recommended changes.”

– Jake Backus, Common Ground Workspace, Oxford