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March 2024

Duns Tew Village Hall

Duns Tew Village Hall

Because of the age of the building, the hall commissioned an energy assessment to explore ways to reduce energy bills, increase comfort, and cut carbon emissions. The assessment suggested several improvements that could lead to a significant 82% drop in carbon emissions per year.
Dean Court Community Centre

Dean Court Community CentreĀ 

Since its opening in 2014 Dean Court Community Centre has been at the heart of the local community. As the “home” of the Dean Court Community Association (DCCA), it hosts a variety of groups every day, providing a vibrant space for gatherings and activities. In 2019, the centre underwent a transformative process with a free…

The energy-saving Mix

The motivation for getting an energy assessment carried out stemmed from the discomfort caused by cold temperatures during events. Despite using plug-in heaters, the space remained chilly. They recognised the need for change to better serve their community.