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Hot food, cool kitchen

Folly Bridge, nestled by the River Thames near the Westgate Centre, is a restaurant that captures the essence of Oxford with its vibrant atmosphere and delicious food.

Folly Bridge, Oxford
Photo (c) John Cairns

After commissioning a Workplace Energy Efficiency Assessment, the riverside restaurant decided to take action and implement several of the recommended measures to improve their energy efficiency.

The resulting action report highlighted ways to reduce energy use and costs while shrinking their carbon footprint. To tackle the heat and high gas bills in their kitchen, they opted for a modern induction cooking range. Unlike their old gas hotplate, which stayed on constantly, the new induction hob only heats up when needed. This not only saves electricity but also lowers heat output, creating a more comfortable environment.

With a helping hand from a grant fund, they managed to cover part of the cost for the new range. The assessment also suggested other energy-saving tweaks, like upgrading to LED lights and improving heating controls.

Now, not only is their food exceptional, but their commitment to sustainability shines through, making dining at The Folly a truly enjoyable and environmentally conscious experience.

Start saving on energy costs

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