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Dean Court Community Centre

Powering the community spirit

Since its opening in 2014 Dean Court Community Centre has been at the heart of the local community. As the “home” of the Dean Court Community Association (DCCA), it hosts a variety of groups every day, providing a vibrant space for gatherings and activities.

In 2019, the centre underwent a transformative process with a free energy efficiency assessment. The assessment highlighted the opportunity to improve energy efficiency by installing solar panels and a storage battery. This recommendation fitted in perfectly with existing plans to replace the roof, making it an ideal time to integrate renewable energy sources.

In 2021, the centre saw the realisation of these recommendations. The installation of 10KwP of Solar PV panels and a 13.5KwH storage battery marked a significant step towards sustainability. The solar panels, facing south-west over the main hall, generated 82% of the centre’s electricity needs in their first year of operation.

We were excited to receive the energy audit, subsequent grant funding, and encouraging us to install solar panels and storage battery.  We are delighted with the outcome that will benefit all users of the Centre and hopefully encourage others to install solar panels.

Derek Rawson, Trustee of Dean Court Community Centre

Notably, the absence of gas on-site means the centre relies solely on electricity, making the transition to solar power even more impactful. With savings of £1,065 annually on electricity bills and the ability to store energy during peak generation times, the centre is not only reducing its environmental footprint but also saving on operational costs.

Looking ahead, the centre plans to further its commitment to sustainability by installing an electric vehicle (EV) charge point. The potential for solar energy to power this initiative embodies the centre’s dedication to renewable energy solutions and developing a more sustainable future for the community.

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