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A sustainability story

Higgs Group printing and publishing has been the leading printing and publishing company in Henley-on-Thames for over 100 years.They provide quality print and publishing services to businesses in and around the local area.

The company’s staff faced numerous lighting challenges, experiencing frequent maintenance issues and dissatisfaction with the aesthetic appeal in the shop and advertising area. Given that a majority of the installed lights were not LEDs, transitioning to LED lighting not only resolved these concerns but also promised substantial cost savings for Higgs, enhancing both the office ambiance and shop spaces.

LED lights stand out for their exceptional energy efficiency, and available for nearly every existing light fitting. With the potential to slash electricity consumption by up to 90% compared to other fixtures, they represent a significant leap forward in sustainable lighting. Moreover, LEDs boast an impressive lifespan of up to 35,000 hours, doubling the longevity of fluorescent lights (which last around 15,000 hours), thereby leading to substantial savings in maintenance costs.

The Higgs Group office has a top-floor flat that extends across much of the building. However, during the Workplace Energy Efficiency Assessment, it was found that there was no insulation in the accessible loft space above some of the offices. Up to 25% of the building’s heat was being lost through the roof, which is why the company installed loft insulation to a recommended level of 300mm. By increasing the insulation, heat loss has been minimised in winter, and heat gain reduced in summer – improving the comfort levels for staff. The heating bill saw a welcome reduction as well!

Read their full Action Report (pdf).

Hot off the press….

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