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Threading the path to greener crafting

Lady Sew and Sew, a sewing and crafting company based in Oxfordshire, has been making great progress towards reducing its energy use and carbon footprint.

They have implemented a range of energy efficiency measures, including the installation of air source heat pumps, replacement of old extractor fans and skylight panels with insulated units, and energy-efficient LED lighting.

Lady Sew and Sew logo shop interior
Lady Sew and Sew logo shop interior

The Building

The premises consist of a main warehouse style building constructed around 1906, now used as a shop and showroom, plus two extensions built in the 1970s. In total the building covers approximately 745m².

Air source heat pump

One of the most significant changes made by Lady Sew and Sew was their move from gas to electrical heating. The company has isolated their gas boilers, which are now no longer in use and have installed air source heat pumps in their main warehouse areas and offices.

As a result of the changes, gas consumption fell by 58,130 kWh from the 2021-2022 heating season (Sept-Feb) to 2022/23, whilst electricity consumption only rose by 6,059 kWh. The financial savings over the six months were around £1,000. 

Removing extractor fans

Following the recommendation of their Workplace Energy Efficiency Assessment, Lady Sew and Sew removed their old extractor fans. These units were no longer required to provide fresh air into the building, but were causing warm air to be lost to the outside when the heating was on, wasting energy.

LED lighting 

The replacement of discharge lamps and halogen units with LED lighting, has helped reduce energy use and maintenance as well as providing improved lighting quality. 

Insulated roofing panels

Up to 25% of heat is lost through the roof in an uninsulated building. Lady Sew and Sew addressed this issue by installing new insulated roofing panels, significantly reducing heat loss and enhancing the energy efficiency of their premises. Additionally, they replaced old, single-skin, and faded skylight panels with insulated clear units, welcoming natural light into the building, thereby reducing the reliance on artificial lighting during the day. This not only improves working conditions but also contributes to energy savings.

Lady Sew and Sew comprehensively implemented the advice they were given, resulting in significant reduction in their energy consumption and carbon emissions and making their business more resilient to energy price rises.

By investing in energy-efficient technology they have been able to achieve significant savings in gas consumption and reduce their carbon footprint. Hopefully, more businesses will be inspired by their leadership and take steps to become more sustainable in Oxfordshire and beyond.

Tying up lose ends….

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