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Your Workplace Energy Efficiency Assessment

Typically, businesses save 19% on energy bills when implementing our recommendations. 

You know that reducing energy waste makes perfect business sense, especially with today’s focus on lowering energy bills, cutting carbon emissions, and championing sustainability. With years of experience helping organisations like yours, our expert team of energy assessors are ready to conduct a thorough Workplace Energy Efficiency Assessment tailored to your needs.

What makes our assessment special

  • On-site assessment 
    Our on-site assessments provide in-depth insights into your energy usage, offering tailored and immediate solutions for increased efficiency. 
  • Local knowledge of opportunities and funding  
    Leveraging our deep local understanding, we identify unique opportunities and guide you to available funding some of which is only available in Oxfordshire, often for very short periods of time. 
  • 19% savings average on implementation  
    Our proven track record showcases an average 19% savings on energy costs post-implementation, with some businesses experiencing even bigger savings, demonstrating the tangible impact of our personalised energy efficiency strategies. 

What does the assessment include? 

We will take you on a six-step assessment journey. Starting with meticulous data collection and followed by in-depth analysis, right through to discussing what further actions you can take. Here are the three key components of our service:

Understanding current situation 

  • Examining energy usage 
    We take an in-depth look at your energy consumption patterns and out-of-hours usage to identify areas of improvement. 
  • Inspecting the building and equipment 
    Our experts assess your infrastructure to pinpoint energy inefficiencies. 
  • Consider user behaviour 
    Understanding how your team interacts with energy and control settings to suggest behaviour-based enhancements. 

Exploring potential solutions 

  • Pinpointing energy wastage 
    We locate sources of energy wastage, ensuring no inefficiency goes unnoticed. 
  • Energy saving measures 
    Tailored recommendations to conserve energy, tailored to your specific needs. 
  • Renewable energy options  
    We explore sustainable alternatives to power your workplace efficiently. 

Your bespoke report 

  • Cost-benefit analysis  
    A detailed breakdown of potential costs and the long-term benefits associated with energy-saving measures. 
  • Actions  
    Clear, actionable steps based on our findings, empower you to make impactful changes, from simple, no-cost activities to more in-depth measures. 
  • Additional ways to support  
    Beyond the report, we provide ongoing support, ensuring your journey to energy efficiency is seamless. 

How much does the assessment cost? 

The cost of an energy assessment is generally in the region of £1,500 (ex VAT), depending on the size and complexity of your site, and the
number of sites you need assessing. For community organisations, schools, and charities, grants are available.  

If you’d like to get a quote or are unsure where to begin, do contact our team for more information.

No time to delay

You know that reducing energy use makes perfect business sense. No one wants to waste money on expensive fossil fuels. That is why now is the time to get in touch with our team of highly experienced experts who are ready to guide you through these next steps of your workplace energy efficiency journey.