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Does your organisation have an energy champion?

Download our free Workplace Energy Efficiency Checklist to get started

We all have a part to play when it comes to mitigating climate change. Increasingly employees want to work in an ethical business that’s conscious of its environmental impact and committed to reducing its carbon footprint.

This is often a key factor in winning new business as well as recruiting and retaining highly skilled and qualified staff.

Some organisations appoint a Sustainability/Green Champion who can lead by example.

Some organisations appoint a Sustainability/Green Champion to lead by example, for others there may be no formal role that exists, but any member of staff can play an active part in creating change to improve an organisation’s environmental impact.

There are several ways your organisation can make a difference, and high on the list is minimising energy consumption in your workplace. As the CBI Director General recently put it, “energy waste is like food waste. It has no justification; it is not good for anyone”.

“Energy waste is like food waste. It has no justification; it is not good for anyone”.

So where does energy waste typically occur? This can be identified through accurate data collection and analysis, with the development of shared targets and good communication helping to get stakeholders engaged with managing their energy use efficiently. 

Understanding your current usage will allow you to focus on where you can save more energy. Meter readings from your buildings should be monitored and compared to see any irregularities or areas of high energy use. You could be paying higher bills and wasting more energy and carbon than you realise.

Become an energy champion with our handy checklist to help assess energy efficiency and carbon reduction goals at your organisation.

Whether or not there is a single nominated energy champion in your organisation, at ESOx not only can we help you with the initial energy data collection and analysis (see our Workplace Energy Efficiency Assessment) but we have also put together a practical checklist for you to get started. You can download our ‘Workplace Energy Efficiency Checklist’ here.

Workplace Energy Efficiency Checklist
Workplace Energy Efficiency Checklist

It may also be possible to improve the fabric of the building and install renewable energy technologies such as solar PV, heat pumps and electric vehicle chargers, particularly when considering an office refurbishment or move.

A combination of behaviour change, technical improvements and new technology will lead to a working environment that is both modern and comfortable for your employees and reflects your organisation’s environmental values and commitment.

If you have any questions about the support available, do get in touch with our team.

Download the checklist

Download our workplace energy efficiency checklist – handy tool to check your progress and prioritise future actions.