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“Efficiency is the invisible superpower of the energy transition”

In the fast-paced world of renewable energy, where innovation is the driving force behind transformative change, one might assume that analysts are keeping pace with the revolution.

However, this extraordinary article (with some cracking quotes) authored by Sam Butler-Sloss and Kingsmill Bond, challenges this assumption and boldly exposes the “Eight deadly sins of analyzing the energy transition.”

“Better roughly right than precisely wrong”

Sam ButlerSloss,  Kingsmill Bond

The article dives deep into why even seasoned commentators consistently underestimate the trajectory of the renewable revolution. Unveiling a systematic bias that skews perceptions, the authors dismantle common errors that have clouded our understanding of the true pace and scale of this global transformation.

“The ceiling of our imagination is not the ceiling of the energy transition”

Sam ButlerSloss,  Kingsmill Bond

The post highlights and explains the eight deadly sins, debunking linear thinking and shedding light on the often-overlooked role of energy efficiency. This article isn’t just an analysis; it’s a manifesto for a more accurate, dynamic, and future-focused comprehension of the renewable energy landscape.

“Don’t try to solve tomorrow’s problems using today’s assumptions”

Sam ButlerSloss,  Kingsmill Bond

These insights are not just correcting misconceptions but shaping a path towards a future where “efficiency trumps waste, technology triumphs over commodities, and economics prevails over ideology”efficiency beats waste, technologies beat commodities, and economics beats ideology”. This article isn’t merely informative; it’s a call to revolutionise our perspectives and embrace the rapid and unpredictable nature of the renewable energy frontier.

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