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Ikea pledges to invest £3.4bn in renewable energy by 2030

The homeware giant has committed to building it’s own wind and solar farms, as well as explore energy storage and installing electric charge points at its stores.

Ikea plans to spend an additional £3.4 billion on renewable energy technology by the end of this decade – including building wind and solar farms, installing electric charge points at its premises, and exploring energy storage too.

The company spent £2.5 billion over the last decade on installing 935,000 solar panels on the roofs of its stores and warehouses, as well as investing in other wind turbines and ground mount solar farms in order to cover its electricity use as a business.

This additional investment would bring Ikea’s clean energy spending to £6.5 billion by 2030.

The cost of inaction is just too high and brings substantial risks to humanity and our business. We know that with the right actions and investments we can be part of the solution and reduce the impact on the home we share – our planet – while future proofing our business. For us, it is good business to be a good business.

Jesper Brodin, Chief Executive of Ingka Group

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