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Is your office plagued by energy vampires? 

When the leaves turn golden and pumpkins adorn doorsteps, there’s a chill in the air that can only mean one thing – Halloween is creeping up on us. While you might be preparing for costumes and spooky decorations, have you ever considered the real-life energy vampires lurking in your workplace that never go to sleep?  

Energy vampires are sneaky little fiends that thrive in workplaces. They may look like your innocent office equipment – computers, printers, and coffee machines – but behind those screens and cords lies a sinister secret. They continue to consume energy even when you think they’re turned off.

It’s a silent drain on your resources and your budget, and it’s high time to exorcise them…  

The phantom power phenomenon 

The reason behind this eerie phenomenon is something called “phantom power” or “standby power.” It’s like a ghostly presence that haunts your devices when they’re not in use. Many appliances, from microwaves to photocopiers, draw power from the sockets even when they appear to be switched off. In a world where we’re trying to reduce energy consumption and combat climate change, this is a spectre we can’t ignore. 

How to vanquish energy vampires 

Here are some tips to identify and get rid of those energy vampires once and for all: 

Energy monitoring plug:  Find out how much energy devices use when they are on standby with a simple energy monitoring plug, which you insert between the wall plug and your device. Then make sure the hungriest devices get switched off, either manually, with timers or smart plug sockets.

Out-of-hours survey: Ask the last member of staff leaving for the evening to take a meter reading, and then the first person to arrive in the morning to take another.  Do this for a week to find out how much energy is being used overnight, and run a ‘switch-off’ campaign for a week. Then check and report how much it saves. 

Upgrade to energy-efficient equipment: Transform your workplace into a greener, more sustainable space. When replacing office equipment, choose energy-efficient models with the highest ratings, and equipment that won’t drain your resources when idle.  

Raise awareness: When introducing any energy efficiency measure, the most vital element to remember is people – from your team and suppliers to partners and customers. Ensure users are aware of new equipment, processes, or other efficiency measures so they can support aims to reduce wasted energy.

Beware the draughty dungeons: Draughty corridors, doors, and windows can increase your heating bills and cause discomfort for staff, visitors, and customers. Before switching on the heating, check all windows, and exterior doors to see if draught proofing needs replacing.

Illuminate dark places: Let the lights shine brightly, but don’t let them become energy-hungry ghosts. Upgrade fluorescent lights to LEDs, which are more energy and cost-efficient, and last much longer, reducing maintenance costs. If lights regularly get left on in unused areas, arrange for sensor controls, movement sensors or timers to be installed. 

Summon renewable energy: Don’t draw energy from a dark, polluting source. Summon the power of renewable energy to light up your office. The simplest way to do that is to just change to an energy supplier (though check green credentials) that provides energy from renewable sources. 

The Ghostbusters of Workplace Energy Efficiency 

There are many more places where energy waste lurks. To help you get started, download our free Workplace Energy Efficiency Checklist which will give you quick-win tips to tackle energy waste in the workplace. 

When you are ready to really take on the energy drain, our highly experienced team of efficiency experts at Energy Solutions Oxfordshire can carry out a comprehensive workplace assessment, recommending tailor-made, and innovative solutions that meet your operation’s specific requirements. 

We’re here to guide you in reducing your energy costs, cutting carbon emissions, and demonstrating to customers, partners, and the public your commitment to the fight against climate change.

Let’s make your office a brighter, more efficient place – with no ghouls in sight! Happy Halloween! 

P.S: If you’d like to create your own energy, and you have plenty of roof space at your workplace, then you could support your Oxfordshire community as well as reduce your energy bills by installing rooftop solar panels.