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The Carbon Trust launches net-zero certification for businesses

The new ‘Route to Net-Zero Standard’ certification will be open to businesses of all sizes and locations to verify their net-zero plans.

Ten companies including Virgin Media 02, and the gas distribution company SGN, will be trialling a new certification scheme called the ‘Route to Net-Zero Standard’, launched by The Carbon Trust

The new certification will be open to businesses of all sizes and sectors and will not be geographically bound.

Businesses will be assessed on their emissions reduction goals, and placed into one of three tiers, ‘Taking Action, ‘Advancing’, and ‘Leading’, with support to increase their commitments.

Those in the ‘Leading’ category will have their plans measured against the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) net-zero standard launched in 2021. 

As scrutiny increases on corporate net-zero strategies, companies have been criticised for their over-reliance on carbon offsetting. 

Making energy efficiency upgrades to businesses buildings can be a strong part of a net-zero strategy that ensure plans hold up to recommendations from climate scientists, including the need to reduce energy use and move to low-carbon heating technology. 

“Tackling the climate crisis is the most critical environmental issue of our time, requiring businesses to both act and collaborate to elicit change and achieve success. The new Route to Net Zero Standard will inspire and foster immediate and longer-term action by supporting companies as they create and deliver on their roadmaps to reduce carbon emissions, certifying and celebrating their achievements as they progress.”

Tom Delay – The Carbon Trust Chief Executive