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The most common energy saving opportunities for manufacturing businesses

What are the most common methods to save energy in manufacturing organisations? From heating to lighting to equipment, manufacturing is an energy-intensive industry.

Manufacturing and engineering businesses tend to be high energy users, with annual energy bills well exceeding £10,000.

Not only does this cut into business profits, it also needlessly adds to overall carbon emissions from human activity – which, as you’ll be aware, are already dangerously high.

This means there’s huge opportunity in the manufacturing industry to cut costs and carbon emissions through making energy improvements.

So what areas can a manufacturing business can reduce energy use by making improvements to their premises?

Typically, you should be thinking about:

  • Heating: does your heating system rely on fossil fuels? Is it efficient? Are you heating any spaces unnecessarily e.g. empty warehouses? Are any areas not heated sufficiently e.g. office space?]
  • Lighting: do you have LED light bulbs? Are your workspaces well enough lit? Are you lighting any spaces unnecessarily? Do lights always get switched off when rooms are empty?
  • Machinery: is your equipment switched off when not in use? Could your equipment be more energy efficient?
  • Doors and windows: is your building losing heat through ill-fitting or single-glazed doors or windows?

Find out more about each of these factors in this short video featuring Moira Dorey, Lead Energy Assessor in our team at Energy Solutions Oxfordshire.

Want to hear Moira’s expert recommendations for your manufacturing business? Drop us an email on to get started.

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